We are well into 2016 and anything that happened prior to this years that was junk or mess, is simply not allowed. Essentially, this is the optimal time to detox. Which enables  you to start the year fresh and   squeeze anything out that doesn’t belong and preventing you from being your best self.  Well let’s get ready to turn our Juicers on and extract only what we need. Enjoy the vlog and remember,  don’t just look it, but be it , because you are it. Always Shine, MichandaRead More →

Happy New Year! We are heading back to the basics of why accessorize and how we will accessorize together.  Check out the video and let get ready to Shine!   You were born to Shine, MichandaRead More →

I’m at it again with my hardware. I just can’t get enough of  bling that is associated with adrenaline!   This time I got my hardware by completing the 40th annual Marine Corps Marathon. YES, I am a finisher and have completed my first marathon. Whew… Let me tell you this, they say “it’s not given its earned!” Well, I earned every ounce of this hardware. With anything I do, I am always learning lessons. In this case there are 7 things that attributed to my success in being able to say, “I finished my first marathon on October 25, 2015.” I did a video becauseRead More →

For the past four years I’ve confessed, “I am on the path of perpetual increase as I enter into my wealthy place!” I have said this countless times but it hit me on September 13, 2015 that I am literally on the path of perpetual increase. There is no turning back now. My journey, road, path or whatever you want to call it to perpetual increase has been quite unique. If I would have thought the many ways to increase would have come packaged the way it has, I would have probably opted out. See my plans would have looked differently and had different feelingRead More →

I deserve to wear the crown, so crown me please. Well, this might not be the exact statement you’ve said, but at one point or another you felt entitled or deserving of something.   Well, recently this hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized I have been battle with the disease of entitlement.   Although this is a curable disease, it does require immediate attention. So that’s exactly what I am giving it. Check out more of the story below:     Do you suffer from the Entitlement disease?  If so, share what you do to alleviate the issue. Remember don’t just look itRead More →

Sometimes we want something so bad, that wisdom isn’t always used.  Well, let me be the first to say I could have been wiser in this situation, but I was determined to finish and not let the enemy win.  So watch, be judgement free (lol), and  Yes,  I know it is way past due… but alas… enjoy! Remember don’t just look it, but be it, because you are it!   Always Shine, MichandaRead More →

  Happy Happy, Shine Shine !!!   I’m so excited to be able to share with you about the beautiful month of June that came with great victories, but not without a fight. I bet you can agree with me that when you transition into a new season, new job, new relationship, or just any thing that’s new… challenges come to throw you off track? Well I am not exempt and as a matter of fact, the heat was turned up even more as a result of my obedience. Well, Check it out for yourself and I hope you are encouraged by my story.   Oh andRead More →

When God is working in us sometimes He has to change some sparks to get us fired up and renewed to keep pressing on the journey. The life we are called to is an adventure and we will experience various highs and lows. But knowing that in the end we are victorious and always win, we can enter the journey with a different mindset. However, while on the journey we can become stale, get dry, and feel stuck. But thanks be to God He is the master mechanic and when He changes the spark plugs it Helps to rejuvenate us for the season we needRead More →

Hey Shine Stars, There is something special about getting your hair done and not wanting to mess up the final look. Well, I typically wear my hair in its curly state 95% of the time, so when I get my hair straightened, I kind of feel like new money and I simply don’t want to do anything to disturb my hair, including working out. Why? Why? Why… Does the hair struggle have to be so real? Well find out more about my recent hair struggle and how I have to learn to protect myself. What has been your biggest hair struggle? How have you dealt/Read More →