HEY THERE,   YOOOOOOOOO…. what happened to y’all keeping me accountable? j/k My commitment is to do two videos per month anything more is a plus (smile). I’m grateful I just made the January 31st cut off by the hair of my chin chin chin. Listen up… This vlog is so good to me and to you I hope.  Why is it so good you asked?  Well you see, my accountability partner Cheri McCullers decided to do it with me.  So you get twice the shine! I won’t spill all the tea here, but we had an impromptu conversation after one of our meetingsRead More →

Happy New Year! We are well into the new year  and many of us have goals/resolutions that we want to accomplish.  That is amazing and super fantastic, but many people never make it beyond January to achieve what they set out to do.  Well this year,  I wanted us to take a different approach.  Let’s resolve to connect with a community  that will help, inspire, and empower us to finish what we start. Here is my first vlog of 2017… Let’s make this year Epic!   Always Shine, Michanda   “Remember don’t just look it, but be it, because you are it!Read More →

Hey There, Today is the day!  This is a gentle reminder and encouragement to vote.   Go get your accessory , The “I VOTED” Sticker, rock it, and shine!   Keep Shining, MichandaRead More →

Hey now, Everybody and their mama’s need a good trim.  Some get them more often than others, but our hair just can’t sustain itself with out a trim.  Now Trims are different than Cuts. When you Cut your hair you are going for a dramatic change.  Trims are just to get rid of the dead ends that aren’t producing life.  So,  I thought about it,  we don’t need to always cut people out of our lives… sometimes we just need a good Trim.  People are valuable and just because they aren’t producing in a season doesn’t mean that will be the case.     KeepRead More →

Yo, When you are fully exposed it will shed a light on how confident you are, or how confident you think you are. Click below to see how I was so exposed, I literally was baring it all.   Keep Shining, MichandaRead More →

Hey Hey Hey,  At one time or another you have put off completing that project, pushed back a deadline, or completely just given up because you thought you weren’t prepared because it needed to be perfect.  Well,  I have at one time or another felt this way especially when it comes to blogging, vlogging, or whatever it is I’m doing.   I have these ideas in my head and want to get them out, but when it all comes together I start to feel that it isn’t perfect or just right.   Partially because I have worked in industries where I have seen it doneRead More →

  Hey Treasure,  I worked on a little something for you… Check it out! Treasure, that is what you are Baby, you’re my golden star You know I can make my dreams come true If you let me treasure you – Treasure  Orginally by Bruno Mars Mastered by Michanda   I changed the Words based on what I heard the message should be for you at this moment. God wants to treasure you. He wants you to discover the treasure that He created you to be and the purpose He had for you from the foundation of this world. Speaking life gives hope and that’sRead More →

It’s Tuesday so I figure I will share a testimony! Very abridged version It’s so important for you to be where you are supposed to be so you can get what you are supposed to get.   On Feb. 6, 2015 I reluctantly went to this meeting I was invited too. A few days prior all four of my wisdom teeth were removed and the medications had me feeling unique. Nonetheless, I pressed my way there. At the end of the meeting, there was an opportunity for prayer. At this point, I was really feeling some type of way, and just wanted to go back homeRead More →

  Team Shine, We all speak different languages; some of us are bilingual and multi-lingual. While others have regional languages that’s accessorized with dialect, vernacular, tone, or even a drawl.   Although languages may very, the expressions may change depending on the geographic regions. However, there are very few words that are universal and one of those words is LOVE. Love is a universal language because every person, I don’t care what they say, needs and has a desire to be loved and return love.   Nevertheless just like in all languages, there are communication barriers that have to be overcome to level the playing field. LoveRead More →

“You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake.  It’s a choice!”  – Unknown Team Shine, Starting the year off with detoxing is a great way to set up the year.  Now that we are in the last week of January,  I think it’s only right to have a strategy in place to maintain all the work we’ve accomplished. In this week’s video Detox: Don’t Return to the Mess,  I’ve identified  7 Ways to Move Forward: 1. Discover the Root Cause 2. Learn From Your Failure 3. Document the Process 4. Seek Help 5. Seek AccountabilityRead More →