Skincare: Glow Back!!

Hey Hey Hey,

Today is all about skincare.  What should you do to help fight scary winter skin?  Are you or have you experienced dry/dehydrated skin?    Maybe you got it all the way together and you just want to check your BFF out and see what she does?  No matter where you  are in your skin care journey  this vlog is only  chipping away  at a tip of the huge skincare iceberg. Click below and view  all the awesomeness (smile).



Links to my few of favorite Skincare brands :

Overall Solid Skincare with built in primers in moisturizers

Great Quality Inexpensive skincare

Plant-based, gluten free skincare

Simply Fresh Modern luxury skincare

Hydration infused with Roses


I’m all about engaging with you.  So if you want more specific products for your skin type comment below or send me an email!

Until next time Keep Shining and remember ” Don’t just Look it, but Be it, because YOU are IT!”


Your BFF,




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