Resolve to connect: Accountability Partners


HEY THERE,   YOOOOOOOOO…. what happened to y’all keeping me accountable? j/k

My commitment is to do two videos per month anything more is a plus (smile). I’m grateful I just made the January 31st cut off by the hair of my chin chin chin.

Listen up… This vlog is so good to me and to you I hope.  Why is it so good you asked?  Well you see, my accountability partner Cheri McCullers decided to do it with me.  So you get twice the shine!

I won’t spill all the tea here, but we had an impromptu conversation after one of our meetings and this is raw, off the cuff, truth about the importance of being accountable to yourself and others. To get in on what we talked about you have to click the video below… Go…..!


As always remember, ” Don’t just look it, but be it, because you are it!”


Always Shine,