Get’er Done!

Get’er Done!

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At one time or another you have put off completing that project, pushed back a deadline, or completely just given up because you thought you weren’t prepared because it needed to be perfect.  Well,  I have at one time or another felt this way especially when it comes to blogging, vlogging, or whatever it is I’m doing.   I have these ideas in my head and want to get them out, but when it all comes together I start to feel that it isn’t perfect or just right.   Partially because I have worked in industries where I have seen it done and know how it’s suppose to be and then I immediately stop in my tracks.

No more.  I said… NO MORE!

I’m gettin’er done by any means necessary.

Perfectionism dulls you.  I don’t have time for to be dull when I was born to shine.  So I must continue to work to accessorize my life by working through life challenges and being transparent and vulnerable about where I am.  I like things done right, however I also know if I do my best until I can get help to make it better, that will still put me one step ahead.

I hope you are encouraged after viewing this blog: