Treasure Chest: Finding Treasures

Treasure Chest: Finding Treasures


Hey Treasure,

 I worked on a little something for you… Check it out!

Treasure, that is what you are

Baby, you’re my golden star

You know I can make my dreams come true

If you let me treasure you –

Treasure  Orginally by Bruno Mars Mastered by Michanda


I changed the Words based on what I heard the message should be for you at this moment. God wants to treasure you. He wants you to discover the treasure that He created you to be and the purpose He had for you from the foundation of this world.

Speaking life gives hope and that’s why it’s important for us to carefully monitor what comes out of our mouth. Let’s be real clear… I didn’t always have a good concept of this… but once I was taught and had a real understand of the power it possessed, I had to do immediately do better.

It is my desire that once you watch the videos you will equally be able to see how important it is to speak life and find the gold in others. That you will listen to God’s voice before you speak and say what He says about them. Calling them into alignment with the potential and identity that they are originally created for.

I love what Kris Vallotton states… “ Most people know what wrong with them, but they are unaware of the greatness that God has placed in them.”

YOU ARE GREAT, now check out this vlog and the bonus treasure footage.


BONUS: What I love about the Bonus Treasure is just a year ago, I was in her shoes and people spoke in my life. I love how God has been working with me this past year and gave me the opportunity to do the same thing and create impact and call out the Gold.


Don’t just look it, but be it, because you are IT!

Whoooo Let’s dig in the treasure chest and find some treasures!!!!


Keep Shining,