Detox: Don’t Return to the Mess

Detox: Don’t Return to the Mess

“You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake.  It’s a choice!”  – Unknown

Team Shine,

Starting the year off with detoxing is a great way to set up the year.  Now that we are in the last week of January,  I think it’s only right to have a strategy in place to maintain all the work we’ve accomplished.

In this week’s video Detox: Don’t Return to the Mess,  I’ve identified  7 Ways to Move Forward:

1. Discover the Root Cause

2. Learn From Your Failure

3. Document the Process

4. Seek Help

5. Seek Accountability Partners

6. Don’t Beat Yourself up With Negativity

7. Enjoy the Journey/Process

Get the juice in detail by watching the video below.  Ha, Get it…” get the juice” (lol). Okay just watch.


Be sure to pull your juicer out periodically to keep your systems clean.  Always remember,  Don’t just look it, but be it, because you are it!

Keep Shining,


“As a dog returns to vomit, so as fools repeats his foolishness.” – Proverbs 26:11