7 Steps To Perpetual Increase

7 Steps To Perpetual Increase

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2015 – Can you see the increase? lol

For the past four years I’ve confessed, “I am on the path of perpetual increase as I enter into my wealthy place!” I have said this countless times but it hit me on September 13, 2015 that I am literally on the path of perpetual increase. There is no turning back now.

My journey, road, path or whatever you want to call it to perpetual increase has been quite unique. If I would have thought the many ways to increase would have come packaged the way it has, I would have probably opted out. See my plans would have looked differently and had different feeling associated with them, but alas…. Wisdom says ,” you can make many plans, but God’s purpose will prevail.”


In 2010, I knew it was time to leave ATL but I didn’t know where. If you thought DC was my choice then you don’t know me – lol. DC was the furthest from my mind. But I conceded to it, because again it’s better to listen to wisdom, right?

I literally started over. It was as if God wanted me to have a fresh start in His books. Not just a fresh start, but a fresh opportunity to Trust Him in a new way beyond what I could imagine or think, regardless if I understood or not. Again Wisdom speaks and says, “ Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding.”

I did just that. Gave everything away, packed my bags, and moved to the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC. Now the journey really begins.   I didn’t have a paying job but was planning on hitting the ground running as an entrepreneur while pursuing my dreams of modeling and acting.

So I dreamed but I didn’t think about how the dream was going to happened, I just dreamt the big picture. But we all dream with the end in mind, right ? Well, we all have dreams and God has the plan and the path to get you there if you trust and believe.

Keep in mind when things are perpetual it’s continuation, a continual process. For me, that is exactly what I have experience: A continual state of increase that has been steady nestled in the plans God had for me life.


You too can have a perpetual state of increase with these 7 steps.

  1. Confess – You have what you say. Start speaking what you want to happen and watch how things shift.
  2. Go through the process – this isn’t always the fun part, but it is so necessary for development.
  3. Stay Connected – No solo cups here lol. We aren’t meant to do life alone. Get connected with a community and do life with them. It helps to keep you accountable and stay on track to reach your goals.
  4. Mentorship – Connect with someone who can help you grow and develop your gifts, talents, and callings. Someone you trust to speak in your life to correct and praise you when necessary.
  5. Get what you need – Don’t make excuses for what’s missing. Go after what you need to thrive.
  6. Be okay with taking the road less traveled: what you are called to do isn’t for everyone. You have to steward the gifts God has given you. That may include you walking down a road that is unfamiliar… let’s just call it faith road.
  7. Trust God – The most necessary of all the steps. No explanation needed (smile)!


Remember don’t just look it, but be it, because you are it!

Always Shine,



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