Spark Plug Change

When God is working in us sometimes He has to change some sparks to get us fired up and renewed to keep pressing on the journey. The life we are called to is an adventure and we will experience various highs and lows. But knowing that in the end we are victorious and always win, we can enter the journey with a different mindset.

However, while on the journey we can become stale, get dry, and feel stuck. But thanks be to God He is the master mechanic and when He changes the spark plugs it Helps to rejuvenate us for the season we need to finish strong in.

It’s okay to need your plugs changed, because it’s life. You can’t go through life and not be changed in some way, shape or fashion.   God renews our mind, body, and soul for each new level so we can be prepared to encounter the new changes.   Joyce Meyer’s often says, “ New Level New Devil.” In order to function at your optimal levels, we have to have our sparks changed, so we can handle the new shocks, joys, love, experiences, and more that life has to offer.

Well check out the vlog as I unpack and expounded on value of a spark plug change and ways to maintain your spark!

 Remember Don’t just look it, but be it, because you are IT!


Always Shine,



  1. I had commented on your post for the Blogelina event and I came across this post and I have to say this one really hit me upside my head….I haven’t been fired up in years so I needed my spark plugs changed for sure and now I’m going to embrace this and see where God leads me.

    1. Author

      AMEN! Let’s do this!!!

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