Get Plugged In

Hey Loves,

I woke up thinking about the people I’ve come in contact with over the past  two weeks who have expressed to me they feel so disconnected from God.    Of course I could identify with them as I too at several points in my life have been in the same position and felt the very same way.

So this made me reflect on reasons I felt distant from God in the past.  I might have experienced a life change I didn’t manage well, I felt I was good and had received my previous blessing so I didn’t need to continue to do what I did to get the blessing initially, a relationship gone bad, and of course the infamous:  I’m just too busy.   Are these all the excuses that I used when I felt disconnected?  Of course not!  There are several more and probably too many to name (lol).    However, I bet you have used one or two of them (smile).

The enemy’s job is to kill, steal, and destroy.  Because he isn’t smart and can only use the same played out tricks and tactics, one of his moves is isolation. To get you alone, make you feel like there is noone who cares, and you are the ONLY one experiencing the challenge. What a liar he is.  Thank God we are never alone regardless of what lies the enemy tries to plant.  It’s great to know that Gods love isn’t temporal and He loves us even when we can’t seem to love Him back.  God is a fixed fixture not going anywhere and is always with us.

Below are six ways to get plugged in and regain power when you feel you low on juice.

6 Ways to get plugged in:

  1. Make the decision to plug in.  A mind made up is powerful.  God NEVER leaves us.  We leave him. So when we make the decision to plug back into his system…. I can image sparks flying with excitement to see His children coming back.  We are spirit begins and our spirit needs the connectivity.
  2. Fast. Sometimes there is a need to disconnect from the world and reconnect to God and the spirit world.  We are told to SEEK  FIRST the kingdom… Not seek it second, third, or when we get time too.   Fasting is just another way to set yourself apart and to submit your body and ways to God.
  3. Make spending time with God important.  We’ve all had important meetings that we were excited to get added to the calendar. Well,  just like time was blocked out for the meeting(s),  block time out for God.  He loves it when we make Him a priority and schedule quality time with Him.
  4. Keep it Simple.  One of my mentors often reminds me, “Deep people drown.”   God loves for us to come to him in a childlike manner… but sometimes our intelligence and multiple degrees tells us… oh that’s silly… so we get so deep that we don’t make “good sense”. Keep things light and fresh.
  5.  Be Consistent. It the moments when we aren’t consistent that we feel the most disconnected.    Consistency is only a portion of the success recipe…. You need it to succeed and ideally to stay plugged in with God.    Although it may be fun to take roller coasters rides(I love them)… it’s not fun to be riding on one where you are spiritually high one moment and then spiritually low the next.  The word tells us to be steadfast… firm… unwavering.. and you can’t do that riding high and low.
  6. Give Thanks. It may seem hard to be thankful, but in all things (not for all things) give thanks to God.  I love The Message version of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.” 

Listen, you and I are the main accessory.  If we aren’t plugged in fully nothing will look good accessorized on us. God is the electrical socket… fully loaded with power.  We are the plugs.  When we plug into the source, we are limitless and always connected!

As always, don’t just look it (pretending you are connected)…. but be it…. because you are it!

Start/Join in the conversation below to discuss other ways to stay plugged in and not feel disconnected. We are not to do life along so help someone by sharing your thoughts.

Always Shine,