Tri: Moment of Truth

Tri: Moment of Truth


When sweat began to mix with tears and the light taste of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen crept into my mouth this past Saturday, I imagined an announcer saying, “ Houston we have a problem!”  Oh indeed we did and it was a rather huge problem considering my first triathlon was approaching within a week.

Well the rubber literally met the road and it was make or break time for my decision to continue going on the path to my goal or stop and say… “is this really worth it!”

So yes,  I maybe a little dramatic (smile)!  However, when you are up against challenges whether physical, mental, emotional  or spiritual there are several thoughts that try to take root and whichever thought you grab on too, be it positive or negative will dictate your final results.

So don’t wait, Click below to check out this video as I share my Tri moment of truth and four safeguards to overcoming obstacles. Additionally because I love you, you get the privilege of knowing my five F’s that I’m using to guide my race journey!

Keep Shining it looks good on you,