#NOCONTRACT and Still Winning!

#NOCONTRACT and Still Winning!

I love that you can play the game, win, and not have to adhere to a particular set of rules.

That’s exactly what Tim Tebow did!  He won big without having to play in the big game. He had a prime time commercial from T-Mobile with a powerful hash tag #NOCONTRACT.  Tebow, former NFL player, was released from both the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets for what was considered to be his inability to consistently throw the football and only being a great college player but not good enough for the NFL.

Although he hasn’t been able to pick up another NFL contract he sure as heck landed a pretty good endorsement deal with T-Mobile without having to get dinged and banged up.  What I like to call a “sweatless victory”

Tebow has been was heavily criticized for his beliefs yet he never let that discourage him.  He continued to praise God publicly because he knew who he served and that it would silence the enemy and the avenger.  It could appear that because Tebow doesn’t have a contract to play football in what seems to be his area of expertise that he isn’t successful.  But, I love when on the outside it appears as if you aren’t making progress but the entire time God is simply concocting a plan to have you come out on top and shine.  Tebow has been off the scene for a while but made an amazing comeback with #NOCONTRACT and won big during Super Bowl 2014. 

When things don’t look the way you want them… know that God has your back.  Don’t give up.  Just like Tebow said, “ Sometimes you can accomplish more with no contract,” He also added, “ Contracts hold you back.”

What’s holding you back?  Just because you don’t have what you are expecting don’t let that stop you.  Find a way to get in the game and win big… There are plenty of ways to play you just have to be creative to see what is the best way for you.

 Matt Fitzgerald , Featured Columnist with Bleacher Report, stated, “Tebow seems to make the most of every opportunity presented to him. This was yet another example of that, and perhaps a launching point to another contract. Whether it’s more endorsement deals or another chance in the pros remains to be seen, but Tebow—like him or not—isn’t going anywhere.”

I have great news for all of God’s children… you too aren’t going anywhere.  You are in it for the long haul so get ready to take over.  The manifestation of what you are expecting might not have happen yet… but don’t worry it’s on the way.  Be encouraged and remain faithful.

You can play by the world’s rules but ultimately you WIN BIG when you play by God’s rules.  Obey. Win. Be Victorious. 

 Remember: Don’t just look it… but be it… because you are it!

Always Shine even with #NOCONTRACT,





  1. I love this!!! Awesome perspective. #stillwinning #nocontract

  2. Love it, Michanda . Keep up the great attitude and spiritual work! It makes all the difference on the journey of great life and living !

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