Making Room For Increase

Making Room For Increase


Hey… I am ready for something new. I am tired of doing the same thing I’ve been doing for years.  I want to start a new career.   Seriously, when it is going to be my time?  I am ready for my break through now. I can’t believe I am still here in this same place, position, and atmosphere.  Why aren’t things moving faster for me?

 At some point you may have said one of those statements or asked one of the questions.  I boldly raise my hand knowing I have.  But I have a question for you:  Do you have room for what you want?

Make room for your increase by checking out this video …


P.S.  Don’t judge how iMovie cuts off my head.  LOL


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Photo credit:  Make Room: The Secrets to Obtaining God’s Best  For Your Life:  Dr. D.R. Skoola & Dr. Paulette Stewart