Let The Steam Out, It’s Fogging The Mirror!

I stay in a mirror.  At times I feel like I can’t walk pass one and not check myself out.  But hey, that’s what a mirror is for… to primp, make sure things are in place, take selfies , and to admire the beauty, right?

My trainer asked me to provide him with a few old pictures to showcase my progress on his website.  I also believe he was TIRED of me complaining about not seeing the results, especially after being dedicated to the process and putting in the work.  So, I avoided him for the longest and finally decided to send him what he wanted, and oh boy was I traumatized (Yep, I’m being dramatic).  I was like, “WHO IS THAT GIRL?!?”  I was so taken back because in my mind, I didn’t recall viewing myself in the mirror that way or at that size.

mirror michanda 1That was the problem; I didn’t see myself that way, which is why I couldn’t really see the progress I was making.  I thought I was smaller than I really was. In fact, my vision was fuzzy.   Considering I see myself every day, the image I saw when I looked in the mirror didn’t look different and I didn’t feel different either.

I still had some of the same clothes and they fit, but that was part of the illusion.    The clothes still fit but that didn’t’ mean I hadn’t changed.  What it really meant was… the clothes were a little too tight to begin with (lol)!  Where were my friends on the real?  They are supposed to have my back. (I really have great friends… just flow with me)

I use this analogy because it represents how often we are working on something, but we can’t really see the change and want to give up. Whether we are trying to lose weight, work on an attitude problem that needs adjusting, getting our finances in order, working on relationships, building the mental psyche, developing   emotional strength, or making career changes, it’s a process so don’t get discouraged while doing so.   It’s not by happenstance that steam (the enemy) tries to evade our vision to get us off track and looking in a direction that will take us completely off the course.  We just have to release the steam that tries to fog our mirror and renew our mind to get a glimpse of where we are going. mirror michanda 2

It’s essential to evaluate progress, in my case old pictures, along the way to achieving the desired end result.

Although it was challenging for me to envision the transformation I’ve experienced throughout my weight loss journey, there are  encounters, challenges, people, and of course steam  that don’t want to see you transform and will try to hold that image of how you were in their mind to remind you and keep it in your mind. Because, they only can see you as you were and not as you are on the way to where you have the potential to go.  Don’t let that hinder you!!!   You are making progress…You are transforming…You do have a fresh start. You are becoming a new creation!

Your old self or life is just that OLD!  Behold the new transforming life for it has begun.

Don’t just look it, but be it, because you are It!

Always Shine – xoxo,



  1. Hey Michanda,

    That was a great article. You should sent that to a magazine. Essence, or O magazine for starters. Find out what the requirements are and just do it!
    It was inspiring for me!

  2. Hi. I was looking for your email adress and read this blog. I agree with Diane. This is a great post, very inspiring. Not to mention you look awesome! Hang in there!

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