My heart has been real heavy lately with the recent news of several self–induced deaths in the entertainment industry.   Lisa Robin Kelly (43)  of “That 70’s show”, Gia Allemand (29) formally of “The Bachelor”, Corey Monteith (31) of “Glee”, and most recently Lee Thompson Young (29) notably known for his role on Disney’s “The Famous Jett Jackson”, all of them under the age of 50.  Whew, although sad, it made me think “what was it that made them want to give up on the most precious gift… LIFE?”

After reflecting, I realized it was the distorted image that was portrayed in the mirror that led them to believe they couldn’t handle the pressure of their situations or the world they were surrounded by.  In other words, the battle was lost because of what was between their two ears, The Mind, and the deceiving images or thoughts that were etched on a canvas that wouldn’t disappear.mirror image1

The Word says, “Get your mind right and stay attentive. The adversary comes lurking and seeking who he can pounce on and devour (my interpretation of 1 Peter 5:8).”   His primary place of entrance is the mind by planting thoughts.  Once He thinks that you have adapted those thoughts he digs deeper to make the image come alive to the point you believe it and can no longer seem to control what you see or think.

I recognize now that there is more to this Mind thing that meets the eye.   It is as if we have to snatch up our minds and make sure that we are providing the proper nutrients that will infiltrate its properties.  In other words it’s like the expression “You are what you eat.”  Good in equals Good out; Junk in equals Junk out.

What is the image you see when you look in the mirror?  Do you see someone who is fearfully and wonderfully made?  Do you see someone who has been created in the image of God?  If not, then you need to renew your mind with God’s word and find out the truth about who you really are.  Don’t look to the TV, magazines, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or your friends and family to get your truth or even create the false image of who you think you should be.   What you think carries weight, but it doesn’t trump what God thinks about you!!!  Set aside time to renew your mind daily with the Word of God. It will save your life and maybe a friend’s too.

By taking the time to understand the Word, I believe those that have committed suicide, considering suicide, dealing or have dealt with mild /severe depression would see that life isn’t so bad after all.  I know I’m glad I chose the Word and to fight the good fight of faith knowing joy comes in the morning as I run with perseverance the race that has been marked specifically for me.

God loves you with all his heart and so do I.  Renew you mind and watch how God can transform your mind from within. So the next time you look in the mirror, be sure to see the images of God, which are good tattooed all over you!

Remember don’t just look it, but be it, because you are IT!

Always Shine,