Which Life Jacket Do You Trust In?

Which Life Jacket Do You Trust In?

Life Jackets are a necessity when you don’t know how to swim that’s why I’m glad I’m like a fish in the water.  However, when you participate in water excursions like  white water rafting,  you are given a life jacket as a safety measure regardless if you can swim or not.  And believe me when you see the waves hitting your face and you feel like you are about to fly out the raft… you too would be glad that you have that trusty life jacket.  

One of the things I’ve learned is that we can trust in various sources but there is one greater source that is all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere you can imagine.  But, when you take your focus off Him distractions seem to creep up and get you off course or just down right STUCK.  

Press play on the vlog and find out how my family and I’s first white water rafting experience went and know when distractions try to knock on your door… Go harder and deeper in the things of God because He is our most vital Life Jacket ready and able to keep us afloat, safe, and out of harms way!

I wish I could have recorded it live… but my technology isn’t up to date just yet… or should I say waterproof.

Xoxo – Keep Shining,


EXTRA! EXTRA! *** I do want to give a special shout out to an awesome boat caption – SAMMIE – Thanks for making the best out of our situation and giving us something  to laugh about for years to come.  Also,  a HUGE  hug is extended to my family members (Mike, Sr. , Mikie, Tequisha, Kendyll, Kersti, Chesley, and Amanda) for  being courageous and stepping out of their  comfort zone.  You all ROCK and I love you to life! *** 

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  1. Love this blog post! 🙂 Thanks for encouraging us to step outside of our comfort zone! Had a blast!

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