BowTie® Cause: Dhani Jones

Bow Ties are one of my favorite accessories for men.  There is something mesmerizing about a well-groomed man in a suit accessorized with a BowTie. Oh yes there is (smile)!

There are several men that wear bow ties well, but there is one that stands out…  Dhani Jones, former Cincinnati Bengal,  Former Star of Travel Channel’s Dhani Tackles the Globe, and Founder of the exceptional organization BowTie® Cause , was initially challenged by his friend, Kunta Littlejohn, who said “If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a bow tie!”  At first, Dhani thought the idea was ridiculous, but later realized this would be an avenue to support his friend, who was battling stage 4 Lymphomia.

BowTie® Cause launched in May 2010, as a platform to challenge others to rock their bowties for a cause that they believed in; how awesome is that?

Dhani appeared on my radar, when his television show aired on the travel network in 2009.  The show was very unconventional as it meshed his love for traveling and world cultures with sports.  My curiosity was piqued and I just had to find out more about this Dhani Jones.  And you know I did just that, right?

Dhani Jones is the epitome of a Renaissance man, which is why I really admire him—we have so many similar interests:  he’s a musician, loves to travel, has an affinity for fashion and photography, and he wears bowties.  Not to mention he is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated (Skee –Phi).   Yes, he has all these awesome qualities and he is the ultimate philanthropist.  For this he has been ACCESSORIZED!  Thank you for your service, creativity, and for uniquely rocking a bowtie.

Please visit his website to support his non-profit, BowTie® Cause .

Keep Shining,



***Funny Sidebar *** – I actually met Dhani on The Mo’Nique Show in 2010. When Mo’Nique came out to intro the show and mentioned Dhani would be her guest, I screamed and said, “whoo hoo!”  Being Mo’Nique, she stopped and asked, “Are you his wife?”   I said confidently YES!  She chuckled and continued doing her show run down.   I thought nothing else of it, but during the break before Dhani came to the stage, she caught my attention and had me get ready.  In my mind I was trying to figure out what she was about to do, but I was so chill, I decided to go with the flow. Dhani came to the stage in the charcoal suit with an untied bowtie, his afro was tame, yet just wild enough, and a bright smile that would outshine even the brightest star.  So after the crowned simmered down, Mo’Nique said, “Your wife is in the audience.”  OMG, I almost melted out of my chair.  She pointed me out and Dhani being such the gentleman, asked “Can I give her a hug!”  Game over, deal sealed, it was a wrap folks… We embraced and it was AH-MAZING, oh yeah and I pinched his butt… totally out-of-order, but my instincts kicked in!   A true gentleman, yes indeed!