Flow into Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.  The weather is simply stunning and the air is perfectly crisp.  The leaves on the trees change to warm comfort colors, which appears to be the perfect time to begin sipping on some fresh apple cider.

Fall is also transitional season where change is inevitable.   We say goodbye to the beautiful sunshine of summer and begin to embrace the dreadful cold days of winter.    We say goodbye to the shorts, tanks, and maxi dresses to gracefully welcome blazers, layered looks, and boots.   Fall is traditionally known as harvest time and the farmers begin to expect a harvest from the seeds they’ve sown.   There is simply a nice flow that fall brings if you are willing to embrace the change.

So are you ready to flow into fall? I hope the answer is yes!

This fall for me is about flowing.  I want to be in perfect rhythm like the currents in the river.   Wherever I am instructed to go, I will be there!  If things don’t go the way I anticipate, I’m still going to flow.   The things I can’t control,   I will simply shrug my strong shoulder and go with the flow. I really just want to be in such a vibe that I am always in the right place, expecting great things to happen as a result of my obedience, and not allowing opportunities to go unmissed. So, I must FLOW.

This Rachel Zoe Jumpsuit from the runway of this year’s 2012 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week show, reminded me of the flow I want to have.   It’s perfectly coordinated with a chic blazer and some rockin’ leather fingerless gloves. The jumpsuit has been accessorized just like my flow.

So flow into fall with me and let’s receive everything that belongs to us as a result of us going with the flow!


Keep Shining,