I love accessories!  Did I say I love accessories!   Ok great!  I feel accessories allow you to showcase your creativity by expressing yourself in your home, car, office, and even your attire.  We often feel like creativity is being an artist painting a picture, an author who is creative with words, or a designer who is creating that next masterpiece… but in the comfort of being you…  accessories help accentuate you by making you feel your best even when you don’t feel that way.

They also help complete the look you are desire and an easy way to make it seem as if you brought a item/new outfit (in case you are a baller on a budget and anticipating the manifestation like ya girl) … When all you did was change a few elements.

What I have come to discover is although we have accessories for any and everything we can imagine, but we are too an accessory.  That’s right you are.  You are an important element and add beauty!  You make things better by being who you were created to be & of course shining brightly in the process just like accessories do.

Well, Welcome to my blog, Accessorize, where I will use accessories of all types, shapes, and forms to make them come to life.  I figured I would use something I love to help paint the picture of how it relates to real life.

Just like accessories can make or break a look, If our main accessory, which is us, isn’t right, then we are being made or broken.  Whether or not… you and I (we) are the main accessory.

Join me on this journey as we “Accessorize” together.   Get Ready… We are about to Shine on Folks!!!

YOU add the flavor but only if you SHINE….



  1. I am SO proud of the creative woman you have become! keep God first!! Will always love you!!

  2. Hey pretty girl! This is awesome! – Jasmine (McGuire) Smith

    1. Hey Jazzy, Thanks so much for checking out the site.

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