Transformation: Hair

I change my hairstyle weekly and sometimes daily depending on my mood, the look I’m trying to    achieve, or the gig I’m book for.  But recently, I took this picture- on the left and the next day this picture – on right,  I look extremely different with the straight hair than I do with the natural hair.  Then I started thinking, “what if I had a weave?”  I would probably have an identity crisis trying to figure out which Michanda should I be today ? LOL

Needless to say, whenever we want or need a change our look the first thing that’s done typically is a haircut, color, straighten it, go bald, start locks or make the big chop.  Because it’s easy.

So here I am looking different and I thought to myself, if we can change the outside so quickly why does it take so long to change the inside?  I’m no Sherlock but I realized that most times we don’t want to do the WORK!

To change our mind by renewing it daily and not being transformed by the world is work!  So I am up for the challenge to not be the same, but to be renewed & transformed my thinking.  Unlike a quick hair change our mind and hearts have had several years of deposits that have to be retaught and relearned.  A way that has helped me is by reading God’s word and meditating on what is true.    Before you know it, you will begin to notice changes and be TRANSFORMED.

Bishop T.D. Jakes recently said at God’s Glamorous Girls: Transformation that “It’s time to take Big Steps.”    What steps are you willing to take to transform from the inside out?