Run Your Race: Track Shoes

Run Your Race: Track Shoes

Opening night for the Olympics was quite interesting to say the least, but closing night was spectacular! I get caught up every time watching in sheer amazement of all the work, effort, and creativity that goes into the production.

So the games took place and the 17 days went by before I could blink twice, as you can tell I wanted more… but that’s the Olympic geek in me.   Although swimming used to be my favorite sport to watch during the games, I quickly realized my love for track and field emerging as I watch faithfully with anticipation each race that was shown. I think that’s because my alter ego wants to be a sprinter running the 100M and be apart of the 4×100 M relay team winning the Gold and breaking the world record (like the US Women’s team), of course and totally looking the part… but I digress.

What’s so cool about running is just like in life we all have to run our race for ourselves.

I can’t attempt to run your race and vice versa.  What I can do is stay the course that has been set for me regardless of the challenges and road blocks that may present themselves.  I  can’t stop running, I have too much to accomplish!

Run your race despite what your friends and family may think, because only YOU can fulfill the destiny that God has set for you.  So on your mark… Get Set….  And Go!

The race has started… it doesn’t matter where you are deciding to start… but what matters most is how you end.

What will you do to have a strong finish?