Breaking Barriers with a Smile!

Breaking Barriers with a Smile!

A Warm Smile is the universal language of kindness. – William Ward.

Well, I know that to be true!  Have you ever noticed when you smile it opens doors for you that otherwise might not have been an option?

Maybe you smile at your friends or family to let them know everything is going to be alright. Or if you are like me… you were struck with a smiling gene and smile just because knowing when you smile it simply makes everything better. I really love my smile!!!

I don’t want to get too deep, so I admonish you if you don’t smile do so today!

Do it just because you can.  Do it because it will make you cutier (Is that a word?).  Do it because it just might change your mood.  Do it because it’s contagious. Do it because it relieves stress.  Do it because it can break barriers.  Do it because you want to shine and allow your light to be attracted.   Do it to show off your teeth while you still got’em.

Keep Shining with that beautiful smile of yours!